PalleTrendz Terms of Use

Welcome to PalleTrendz.  Our website is an e-commerce web portal, operated and owned by the company.  These terms of use given below dictate your use and access to our website, services and products.  By entering into, browsing our content or utilizing our online site, you automatically agree to conform to the given terms and conditions.  Kindly go through the same with care before proceeding further.  

Note:  Here, references to ‘your’, ‘you’ and ‘user’ will denote the individual or end user gaining access to the website.  ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’ and ‘company’ will denote PalleTrendz.  The company will not take any responsibility for notifying you regarding any modifications or updates in the terms and policies; it is your sole responsibility to check the website at frequent intervals to determine the same.

  1. Adherence to Terms and Usage

By using or gaining access to our website, you approve to be bound by the given Terms of Use.  In case you disagree with these terms of use, kindly refrain from using our website.

As a user, you are solely responsible for getting basic facilities such as possessing a computer and internet connectivity to transact and access our website.  You shall use our website only for legal purposes and shall abstain from getting involved in unlawful activities.  We will not be held responsible for any damage or loss arising from unsanctioned transactions. 

  1. Website utilization and eligibility criteria

To make use of our website you need to be above 18 years of age.  You hereby consent to utilize our website absolutely for legitimate purposes and in agreement with all appropriate laws and regulations.  Please note that if you are a non-resident Indian then it is your sole responsibility to ensure if you are eligible to make use of our services or not.  Individuals barred by Indian law are not permitted to use our services.  The company has all the rights to grant, reject or terminate access to existing as well as new users at any point in time.  Also, the company does not need to furnish any reasons pertaining to it. 

  1. Intellectual resources

The entire content present on our website, including domain name, graphics, images, text, logos, software and audio clips is the property belonging to PalleTrendz or its licensors.  It is also protected by trademark, copyright and other intellectual property byelaws.  PalleTrendz retains full ownership of its trademark, copyrights, trade secrets, patents, goodwill, inventions, meta tags, databases, source code, icons and hyperlinks. Use of all the above without any prior consent from us is strictly forbidden. 

  1. User Content

By contributing any type of content to our website, you bestow us a royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual and completely sub-licensable right to reproduce, use, adapt, modify, translate, publish, display and distribute such content in any type of media, all across the world.

  1. Product Policy

It should be noted that the product image on the website is a reference product while the newly manufactured product can appear dissimilar from the one presented in the image because of many factors including lighting, wood’s texture, manual polish and so on.

PalleTrendz offers products in a predetermined set of finishes to choose from.  Hence you are required to communicate the kind of finish you require with our customer support team so that you get what you want in the best possible form. Also, kindly be aware of the fact that solid wood products might exhibit slight grain variations between the product shown on our website and the actual product. 

  1. Services Policy

PalleTrendz  is an internet-based platform that sells merchandise and products.  As a user, you can avail of our services to buy home furnishing products by placing an online order.  Once you place the order, the company will ship the product to the address you mentioned on the website, and as a customer, you will have to pay for it to honour the purchase.

  1. Privacy Policy

 By using our website, you acknowledge to have fully comprehended and read our privacy policy.  Additionally, you agree to the terms and conditions defined in the policy.

As far as Newsletters and communication is concerned, you agree to receive our newsletters and communication via email and SMS from PalleTrendz.  To unsubscribe the same, kindly follow the instructions on our website.

  1. User Information - user account, security and password

To create a user account on our website, certain information has to be entered to complete the registration process that allows a user to get access to our services.  Upon finishing the website registration process, it is the solitary responsibility of the individual user to safeguard the user ID and password generated by the process.  As individual users you need to take responsibility for activities that transpired under your account, hence should ensure to properly exit after each user session to avert any security breach or unlawful access to your account.  Our company will not take any responsibility for any damage or loss that emerges due to your failure to obey our terms.  The authenticity of the user account information is your sole responsibility.  If we find that you have submitted incomplete, inaccurate or untrue information, our company has all the rights to terminate or suspend your account without even informing you.  We would like to state we will communicate our company’s commercial information via text message or voice call on the number mentioned in your account.

Obligations of the user

  • Your access to our website is a non-exclusive and limited privilege that is subject to conforming with our terms of use
  • The website, the materials provided to you as a user and the services are only to be used by you under the applicable laws, terms and conditions
  • You shall agree to follow the restrictions on reproducing, using and sharing any of our accessed material as stated in the “Use of Material” of the Terms section
  • You shall agree to refrain from getting access to our website, services or material via any interface not given by the company. Any attempt to use automated processes, devices, algorithms, methodologies or programs such as deep links, spiders, robots or similar methods is strictly prohibited.
  • The company disowns liability for any indecent, offensive or obnoxious content that may come across by users while accessing our website
  • The content uploaded or posted on our website must not be unpleasant or attacking in nature and should comply with the applicable prevailing laws. As a user, you are legally responsible for the content you post, thus agreeing not to:

-  Annoy, abuse, disgrace or violate the legitimate rights

-  Imitate any individual or entity or falsify your association with others

-  upload software, files or any other material safeguarded by intellectual property laws not held by you

-  Upload files enclosing viruses or other malicious programs that might harm our website

-  Engage in any kind of action that might upset our website, servers or associated networks

-  Attempting to get unauthorized access to website servers, systems or networks either by hacking or by any other unlawful means

-  Probe for susceptibilities or breach validation measures of our website or associated networks

-  Cause damage to our website, servers, accounts, affiliated links or resources

-  Gather or share data of other users

-  Use of devices to impede our website’s functioning

-  Unlawful use of website material or content. Or practicing any unlawful activity that infringes on the company's rights

-  Conducting surveys, contests, chain letters or pyramid schemes

-  Downloading other user’s files published on our website that is unlawful to be circulated

-  Deleting legal notices, software origin labels, author attributions or proprietary designations from uploaded files

-  Violating the code of conduct applicable to, for or any specific service

-  Violate laws or regulations governed inside or outside India

-  Reverse copy, engineer, exhibit, dispense, publish, transfer, license, sell or reproduce information obtained from our website

  • You shall accept sole accountability for any damage, breach or loss of your responsibilities under the terms
  • Be aware that PalleTrendz assists in acquiring products from multiple vendors. Consequently, the company should not be considered as the seller and will not take any responsibility for any warranties, certifications or guarantees provided by the vendors
  1. Use of Material

The Company offers you a non-revocable, generic, non-assignable access right to our product catalogue or any other website material.  According to the terms and conditions, you may access the website material for internal, informational and personal purposes.  But cannot modify the same and cannot remove any proprietary or copyright notices shown on the website.  Our website layout, design and appearance are secured under intellectual property rights, so permission to copy them is denied. Unless we permit, users are forbidden from installing or downloading any software obtainable on our website.  You hereby agree and acknowledge not to republish, copy, post, translate, display, reproduce, distribute or transmit any of the content without attaining approval from us.

  1. Disclaimer of Liability and Warranties

While we at PalleTrendz ensure to post only correct information on our website.  However, we do not warrant the quality, accuracy and completeness of the products, services and data. Our Company shall not be held liable for indirect or direct damages arising from:

  • The inability to use or use of our services
  • Services related issues
  • Unsanctioned access to data of users

We shall not be held responsible for interruptions or delays in service or website accessibility, including the ones related to technical or maintenance issues.  You agree and acknowledge that any kind of data acquired from our website is at your own risk and also accept accountability for any loss or damage to your computer because of that. 

  1. Terms of use Breach

Our Company reserves all the rights to dismiss website accessibility to users who breach the terms or additional terms, at its absolute and sole discretion.   You agree to equitable or injunctive remedies pursued by us for any such breaches that may cause irrevocable damage to the Company.  You also consent to indemnify the Company, its directors, affiliates and employees from any damages, expenses, claims, losses and liabilities arising from dishonouring any obligation, warranty or infringement committed by you and also agree to hold them innocent.  Furthermore, you agree to indemnify the Company against any sort of claims made by third parties due to your website use which may have caused harm to the third party.  In such a case, the Company may seek reimbursement from you, and you consent to pay any associated fees and costs. 

  1. Termination Policy

The terms and conditions will be applicable until they get terminated by either you or PalleTrendz.  In addition, you may choose to terminate the agreement by not accessing our website or closing your user account with us.

PalleTrendz reserves its right to terminate the terms of use with or without any condition and at any point in time.   If:

  • Any company policy, conditions or terms applicable to you is dishonored
  • Your provision of the services becomes illegitimate
  • Your provision of the services is no longer feasible to you commercially
  • The Company decides to discontinue website accessibility for you, specifically or in general
  • Suspension or termination because of technical reasons can include, website access removal, user material deletion (including user material or files with account information), excluding you from our website access
  • The Company shall not be held responsible to any third party for termination
  • You recognize that termination shall not upset your obligation and liabilities


  1. Governing Law
  2. Transactions, Terms and any mutual claims between the Company and you shall be overseen under the prevailing Laws of India.
  3. All disputes and claims arising in association with the website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hyderabad, Telangana


  1. Notify Abuse

If our Company Aka PalleTrendz allows you to post any of our website material, you accept to ensure that is should not be:

  • Offensive, threatening and abusive
  • Slander the relevant rights and laws

According to our terms, users might bear lawful responsibility for any material or content posted by them on the website, particularly if it is offensive or guarded by trademark and copyright laws.  In case you come across any violation of terms or abuse, kindly report it immediately to our Customer Support Team.

  1. Contact Us

In case of any questions about the above-mentioned Terms of Use, kindly contact us at





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